Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment

Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment

To increase productivity as well as maintaining compliance with current legislative standards, Glencore Coal employed the services of Orana Engineering to design, manage and oversee the installation of the electrical portion of their sewage treatment plant upgrade.

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from waste water with the primary objective being to produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream suitable for disposal.

The intent of this project was to refurbish and upgrade the existing sewage treatment plant to improve safety, production, and efficiency, and provide a more environmentally friendly output. The project was managed on-site by others, with Orana Engineering providing electrical engineering, design, project management and construction/commissioning assistance.

Orana Engineering, with its team of experienced electrical engineers and detailed design draftsmen, created a set of electrical drawings that would not only improve plant capability but also increase plant reliability as well as making regular maintenance easier for onsite personnel.

In co-ordination with other disciplines, the electrical components of the upgrades were carried out on site by an electrical installation contractor, with Orana Engineering providing assistance both during the installation and commissioning phases. Upon installation completion Orana Engineering updated all drawings to reflect any changes made, thus providing Glencore Coal with as-built drawings which will make any future maintenance or fault-finding work more efficient and cost effective, as well as providing legislative compliance.

Orana Engineering was able to help Glencore Coal to improve the efficiency and quality of their sewage treatment plant by providing assistance through our design drafting, drawing management, and electrical engineering services.

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