Our Engineering Disciplines

In line with Orana Engineering's business model to provide discipline specific engineering and design drafting services for the day to day “breadcrumb” engineering projects that are common on an operating site, Orana Engineering has built up a business with a team of engineers and designers that focus on the core engineering disciplines of mechanical, electrical, structural and control systems. Where specialist engineering fields are required (e.g. Ventilation Engineer) for a project, Orana Engineering has a network of contacts and calls upon these experts as required to ensure a project's success.

Whilst not a comprehensive list, the following is a brief list of typical engineering projects that each engineering discipline of Orana Engineering provides:

Mechanical Engineering ( ..more )

  • Pressure Piping Design;
  • Pumping Systems (water and slurry) Modelling and Design;
  • Mechanical Standards Development;
  • Mechanical Systems and Structure Design;
  • Machine Guarding Audits and Design;
  • Mine Dewatering Systems Modelling and Design;
  • Reagent Distribution System Design;
  • Conveyor Audits;
  • Conveyor Configuration and Design.

Electrical Engineering ( ...more)

  • Substation and Switchgear Design;
  • Motor Control Centre Design;
  • Earthing System Design;
  • High Voltage System Modelling;
  • System Load and Fault Studies;
  • Arc Flash Study;
  • Power Factor Correction;
  • Variable Speed Drives and Soft Start Drives;
  • Instrumentation Systems (Flow, Volume, Density, Pressure, Level, etc); and
  • Electrical Standard Development.

Structural Engineering ( ...more)

  • Access Platform Design;
  • Structural Audits; and
  • Monorail Design and Audits.

Control Systems Engineering ( ...more)

  • PLC and DCS System Configuration;
  • PLC and DCS Functional Logic Configuration;
  • HMI Development and Configuration;
  • Sequence Logic and Interlock Logic Diagram Development;
  • Functional Description Development;
  • Simulation Systems Development;
  • Systems Commissioning;
  • Reverse Engineering; and
  • System Upgrades, Migrations and Conversions.

To learn more about the product and services provided by Orana Engineering please refer to our capability statement.