Careers at Orana Engineering - Social Program

Orana Engineering operates a social program that promotes the principles and objectives of the company’s business philosophy. Orana Engineering believes that to achieve excellent communication and good working relationships with its clients, first the employees of Orana Engineering must amongst themselves have excellent communication and good working relationships.

The social program is funded by Orana Engineering and operated by the employees. The social program does not look to just build relationships amongst the employees, it also extends to encompass events which include the partners and families of employees. Orana Engineering values the partners and families of its employees as it is the very cohesion of these relationships that are essential to fabric of the business.

The social program is run by the employees with funding provided predominantly by the company. Typically an event is held every 6-8 weeks and past events have included:

  • Christmas weekend celebrations at an island resort (Daydream Island, Long Island, etc);
  • 24hr deep sea fishing charters;
  • Lawn bowls;
  • 10 pin bowling;
  • Skirmish;
  • Golf afternoons;
  • Social drinks;
  • BBQs;
  • Cowboys home game function;
  • Melbourne Cup luncheon; and
  • Magnetic Island sunset cruise.