Orana Engineering Capabilities

Orana Engineering is an engineering consultancy that is large enough to respond to our clients' needs while being small enough to develop and maintain close business relationships. Orana Engineering’s excellent reputation is built on the commitment and dedication of all of its employees working toward understanding our clients' needs and delivering outcomes that consider the uniqueness of every site.

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Products & Services

Orana Engineering's capabilities and services include but are not limited to:

Orana Engineering has a head office in Townsville and successfully serves its clients in coal and metalliferous mining and processing industry as well as surrounding heavy industries throughout Northern and Central Queensland, within the Bowen Basin and western remote Queensland.  Orana Engineering also has an office in Chinchilla dedicated to serving the oil and gas, mining and surrounding heavy industries in the Surat Basin.

Orana Engineering operates in demanding environments and has a reputation for delivering projects and services on time and on budget.  Our personnel have a unique combination of technical and practical ability and understand from previous employment and site experience that mistakes during the engineering design and drafting stage have cost implications that can far exceed the design cost and sometimes even the project budget.  Our personnel enjoy the variety of projects an operating site has and the challenges of brownfield projects.  It is for this reason that since its inception, Orana Engineering has been driven to operate as an engineering, design drafting and document management resource with robust, refined and efficient quality assurance processes to ensure the utmost quality and accuracy of all deliverables.    

To ensure the security of project data, Orana Engineering’s data network system has the features and capabilities typical of major global businesses.  The network includes an offsite back-up storage system that in real-time securely backs-up the entire business such that in the unlikely event of a major catastrophic failure, Orana Engineering would lose no more than 30 minutes of client data.        

Quality assurance is not a cliché statement used at Orana Engineering, it is at the core of what we do and as such evidence of these transparent QA systems can be provided for all projects.

Safety in our designs and in our everyday activities is an integral focus of our business. Our extensive experience and exposure to operating in heavy industrial and mining sectors has helped us to build and develop a culture that places the highest priority on safety and the environment.

Orana Engineering is quick to realise opportunities within a process and our experience promotes a holistic approach to every project to ensure that value for money is achieved in the end project result.  With our engineers drawing from many years’ experience in site based roles, Orana Engineering routinely delivers practicality in our designs, providing us with a highly competitive advantage over that of our competitors.  Our people are acutely aware of the complexities involved in scheduling projects at remote sites with narrow shutdown windows.