Careers at Orana Engineering - Training

Training and continuous improvement is valued at Orana Engineering. Learning and development increases an employee’s skills, but most importantly it builds confidence and provides personal achievement, therefore it is encouraged for those who wish to undertake it.

Orana Engineering does not impose training on its personnel. The business recognises that for training to be worthwhile to both the company and the employee, training must be relevant to the role of the employee and of interest to them. Whilst the company considers training that may be appropriate for an employee, the company also asks employees to consider training that they think may be appropriate and relevant to their employment at Orana Engineering.

At Orana Engineering, employees are asked to consider a personal 5 year plan for their career, of which training is an element. The company reviews this plan annually with each employee, the review giving consideration for the year ahead and what training may be relevant and of interest to their longer term goals.

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