At Orana Engineering people are without question the most important asset of business. To deliver the services and projects that the company provides, it is essential that Orana Engineering employees have the skills and personal qualities that are suited to the business model and business philosophy of the company. For this reason, not everyone is cut out to work for Orana Engineering.

To be suitable for a position at Orana Engineering, you must:

  • Be task orientated, focused on completing a job, not watching the clock;
  • Value feedback as a learning opportunity, one that can lead to personal improvement;
  • Be accountable and responsible – don’t pass the buck;
  • Enjoy communicating and value the importance of it;
  • Value the respect and friendship of your fellow employees;
  • Have excellent attention to detail and value that such is essential to Orana Engineering’s business; and
  • Care about the quality of services that Orana Engineering delivers and value the reputation of the business.

If you have these qualities we want to hear from you, so please either submit an application for one of our current vacancies that is applicable to your skills or if there are none suitable, please submit an application anyway.

As an employee of Orana Engineering you will be eligible to participate in the social program and you will be encouraged to continually develop yourself via training and professional memberships.