Orana Engineering is an innovative, equal opportunity employer who is seeking committed, skillful and hard working employees to join and grow with our engineering business.

Good organisations become great organisations because of the people within it. Our goal is to employ the best people in our industry who share our company values and possess drive and initiative. This way, we can continue to grow and excel by producing a high quality product and service every time.

If there are no current positions listed below relevant to your qualifications and skills and you believe you have the personal and professional skills that would make you a valued member to the Orana Engineering team, then you may submit your CV online.


Position Location Job Ref No.
Electrical Engineer Townsville, Qld 10088
Control Systems Engineer Townsville, Qld 10089
Position Location Job Ref No.
Senior Electrical Engineer Townsville, Qld 20000
Graduate Electrical Engineer Townsville, Qld 20001
Graduate Mechanical Engineer Townsville, Qld 20003
Electrical Design Draftsperson Townsville, Qld 20004
Mechanical Design Draftsperson Townsville, Qld 20005
Senior Mechanical Engineer Townsville, Qld 20008
Position Location Job Ref No.
3rd / 4th Year Electrical Engineering Chinchilla, Qld 30000
3rd / 4th Year Electrical Engineering Townsville, Qld 30004