Combabula Bore Pump

Combabula Bore Pump

Prime Pump Company was contracted by Origin Energy and Laing O’Rourke to supply an upgraded bore pumping system at an existing bore site at the Origin Energy Combabula site.  RIE Services was contracted by Prime Pump Company to provide supply and installation of the electrical components for the upgrade.

Origin Energy requested for a fault study and protection study to be completed for the new installation, and Orana Engineering was engaged by RIE Services to complete this task.

Using Power Tools for Windows (SKM PTW) software and manual calculation techniques for verification together with information gathered from RIE Services and Prime Pump Company, Orana Engineering produced a HV/LV model calculating fault levels and completing protection co‑ordination studies.  From the study it was recommended that a new circuit breaker be introduced to protect the transformer, variable speed drive and supply cables.

It was also identified that a protective earth should be installed down to the bore-hole motor for compliance with AS3000: Wiring Rules.  Orana Engineering produced a single line diagram outlining all existing equipment, fault levels, protection settings and other required changes.

The proposed changes were implemented by RIE Services and Prime Pump Company, and the system commissioned without issue.

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