Yokogawa DCS Upgrade

Yokogawa DCS Upgrade

Yokogawa DCS Upgrade

Orana Engineering has since 2005 provided 24/7 support for Oaky Creek Coal’s (OCC) control systems. At the Coal Handling & Preparation Plant (CHPP) OCC uses a Yokogawa DCS as the primary control system, which was originally installed in 1998. The system is very robust and the hardware, software and its configuration has proven to be very reliable and highly cost effective.

The Yokogawa DCS installed in 1998 was a CentumCS system, within which the Process Interface Control Stations (PICS) operated on a FreeBSD Unix operating system. With Yokogawa advising that it would no longer support CentumCS PICS software development, it was essential that the OCC system was upgraded to the CS3000 system, which operated on a Microsoft Windows platform. In upgrading to CS3000, it was necessary that the Field Control Station (FCS) processors were also upgraded, which had an added benefit of providing significantly more processing capacity.

To perform the upgrade, Orana Engineering sourced all new personal computers (PC) and servers compliant with Yokogawa’s CentumCS3000 specifications.

Orana Engineering developed conversion tools to allow the configuration data to be extracted from the CentumCS Unix platform and imported into the CentumCS3000 environment. These tools provided efficiency and accuracy for the conversion process and delivered a significant cost saving.

Orana Engineering utilised Yokogawa’s proprietary conversion tools for importing the CentumCS graphics into the CS3000 Human Interface Station (HIS) environment.

The upgrade project also took the opportunity to introduce an OPC server and Yokogawa’s Exaquantum data historian to the site DCS.

Electrical engineering and design scope was also required to implement new UPS systems and the installation of new fibre cable and coaxial cable communication systems.

Before implementing the converted Graphics and FCS configuration logic onsite, simulation logic was developed that would enable the system to be fully function tested before site deployment. The simulation developed also provided a valuable tool that allowed for the training of operations and maintenance personnel.

Onsite implementation of the new CS3000 configuration required that the system be fully recommissioned, with each drive and item of equipment fully recommissioned. Naturally time and quality was critical, so Orana Engineering developed a detailed commissioning plan, procedures and test documentation that would streamline the testing. Six commissioning teams working across day/night shift rosters successfully executed the commissioning of the main washplant within the tight 48hr timeframe allowed. The remaining FCSs were also recommissioned successfully within the tight outage times allowed.

The quality of the conversion tools and simulation programs developed by Orana Engineering resulted in the site commissioning process being highly efficient and effective, all being completed without unscheduled plant downtime.

Orana Engineering also configured the OPC server and Yokogawa’s Exaquantum data historian and developed operation production reports tools that are emails and in some cases SMS’s to key personnel.

If you would like to know more about Orana Engineering’s control system or electrical engineering capabilities or the work that we do in brownfield operations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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