TK102 Bypass Piping

TK102 Bypass Piping

When tasked with a major repair to one of their leaching tanks, operations staff at Carpentaria Gold's Ravenswood Operations enlisted the assistance of Orana Engineering to develop a solution that would allow for process operations to continue whilst leaching tank TK102 was out of service.

The goal was to provide a solution that could be constructed and installed on site during a single shut down period. This meant that the design had to be simple enough to not require shop fabrication and be relatively quick to install to minimise interruptions to overall processing operations on site. An initial site visit and further discussion with our client suggested that a bypass line be installed around TK102.

By utilising the information obtained during a site visit Orana Engineering designers were able to detail a new bypass route line through the existing processing plant area.  This involved the minor modification of existing structural steel as well as the addition of new pipe supports to support the new HDPE bypass pipeline.

The bypass piping was successfully installed during normal operation with only the tie ins needing to be installed during a single shut down. The engineering performed during the design phase ensured there was sufficient head for the open channel flow system within the system to transfer the slurry without the assistance of a pump.

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