Tailings Pumping System - As-Built

Tailings Pumping System - As-Built

Tailings Pumping System - As-Built

At the completion of the Tailings Pumping Upgrade for both the Main CHPP and Module 4 CHPP at Oaky Creek Coal, Orana Engineering received As Built mark-up drawings and documentation by the site project manager and was requested to make electronic revisions to the drawings and upload them into the site drawing management system.

Over 80 drawings used by the site project manager had received red pen mark-ups confirming that either the design had been constructed as per the drawings, or the mark-ups informed of minor design changes that were made during the construction phase of the project.

Orana Engineering reviewed these mark-ups seeking clarification where needed and then formally revised all the drawings incorporating the hand mark-ups received to As Built status.  Orana Engineering also identified drawings that were not included in the red pen mark-ups but that affected by the mark-up’s, and proposed to our client that these drawings also be revised.

With regulatory compliance in mind, the As Built set of drawings was also reviewed by Orana Engineering’s Mechanical and Electrical Engineering personnel to ensure any design changes received RPEQ approval as part of Orana Engineering’s rigorous quality assurance processes.

The final set of drawings was then uploaded to the client’s Drawing Management System to give site personnel access to the latest As Built drawings.  By completing the As Built drawings, these became a valuable source of up to date information for operations and maintenance personnel and for use in any future projects of the site.

If you would like any more information or details about Orana Engineering’s drawing revision or drawing management capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our capabilities.

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