Redraw Dragline DL007 Drawings

Redraw Dragline DL007 Drawings

Redraw Dragline DL007 Drawings

To improve the maintainability of plant electrical systems and personnel safety, Hail Creek Mine employed the drawing revision services of Orana Engineering to redraw all electrical power, control and termination diagrams associated with its Dragline 7 (DL007) into AutoCAD format.

For personnel safety and compliance with QLD’s Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation it is a requirement for mine sites to have up-to-date drawings for use at the mine when electrical equipment and electrical installations are commissioned or modified. These drawings must be updated and maintained as soon as practicable.

One of the most efficient ways to keep electrical drawings maintained is by having them in CAD (computer aided design) format so that when electrical modifications, installations or as-building occurs on site these changes can be promptly captured in the CAD file and made readily accessible for site personnel for maintenance and operations.

By working closely with the site contacts and on site electricians, Orana Engineering was able to accurately reproduce 247 electrical drawings into AutoCAD format for Hail Creek’s Dragline 7.  This redraw project included as-building the drawings as they were being redrawn and introducing Australian Standard compliant electrical symbols in place of those symbols which were not previously compliant.

This project was essential to the maintenance and operations of Hail Creek Mine as ensuring that they had current up-to-date drawings enabled Hail Creek to efficiently and with confidence move forward in preparing for planned future modifications to the electrical equipment associated with Dragline 7.

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