Redraw Electrical Drawings

Redraw Electrical Drawings

Redraw Electrical Drawings

To ensure plant maintainability and personnel safety, Dyno Nobel employed the services of Orana Engineering to redraw its low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) single line diagrams (SLD) whilst also confirming the accuracy and functionality of the drawings.

For personnel safety and compliance with legislative requirements it is a necessity for plants to have up-to-date drawings available for use by workers when electrical equipment and electrical installations are operated, commissioned or modified. These drawings must be updated and maintained as soon as practicable.

Orana Engineering through the use of client provided photos, documentation and clarifying discussions was able to accurately redraw 52 low voltage single line diagrams as well as 6 high voltage single line diagrams. Having these drawings with updated and accurate as-built information ensured any future work being performed on site could be done with confidence.

During the redraw process Orana Engineering identified that a new larger sheet size drawing template was required to ensure critical information was easily readable on the one drawing. Orana Engineering created a new A0 sheet size drawing template to meet Dyno Nobel's drawing standards where the template was required to provide links for the document management system to easily access drawing metadata.

Orana Engineering was able to help Dyno Nobel ensure their LV and HV single line diagrams were accurate and up-to-date.

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