Reagents Lightning Protection

Reagents Lightning Protection

Reagents Lightning Protection

To ensure the CHPP reagent tank farm lighting protection systems were adequate and complied with Australian standards, Moranbah North requested Orana Engineering undertake a review and design for an upgrade of the lightning protection systems (LPS) installed for the tank farm area.

Since the tank farm area includes fuel storage tanks, the area was classified as having structures with "explosive or highly flammable contents" and was thus deemed to require compliance with Australian Standard "AS1768 : 2008 Lightning Protection".

Orana Engineering conducted an onsite audit of the existing installation and its lightning protection systems, to identify elements of the existing facility that needed upgrading to comply with current lightning protection standards.

Following the onsite audit, Orana Engineering undertook a Rolling Sphere Method (RSM) analysis of the tank farm structures to confirm the tanks could be adequately sheltered from lightning strikes and the scope required to upgrade the structure's earthing. Using its team of detailed draftsmen Orana Engineering created a set of drawings detailing the work required to upgrade the existing lightning protection systems (LPS) to comply with current standards.

Orana Engineering was able to help Moranbah North ensure that their lighting protection systems were adequate and complied with current Australian standards by providing assistance through our design drafting and electrical engineering services.

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