Flotation Cell Upgrade

Flotation Cell Upgrade

Flotation Cell Upgrade

In an effort to increase the efficiency of their concentrator, Eloise Copper Mine enlisted the services of Orana Engineering to provide engineering and design assistance for the installation of 3 new copper concentrate scavenger cells, within the existing processing plant.

Orana Engineering design staff, with the assistance of Eloise Copper personnel, completed a site visit to determine the project design scope.  This visit would allow for the documentation of essential information that could then be utilized by the OE design drafting team to begin conceptual design of the solution.

The concept design stage for this project proved crucial for project development as well as for communication between Orana Engineering and the client.  3D models created by Orana Engineering design staff were used extensively to visually communicate a range of potential solutions for matters such as new and existing equipment locations, as well as access and structure arrangements.  The detailing of these concept models also made it possible for Orana Engineering to easily identify key tie in location within the plant that required surveying for the detailed design phase.  This active correspondence and consultation with the client ensured that both parties had a good understanding of the project scope throughout the design process.

The stages of detailed design required a multidisciplinary approach from Orana Engineering designers, from civil & structural design for supporting structures and foundations to mechanical & piping design for ancillary equipment such as hoppers and valve arrangements.  The electrical and instrumentation design and engineering was also carried out by Orana Engineering.  This multidisciplinary approach improved design efficiency and allowed for cable routes and laddering along with control cabinets to be integrated into the overall design.  The brownfield engineering challenges involved in working around and relocating/connecting to existing equipment were easily met.  This can be attributed to Orana Engineering’s extensive experience with brownfield projects and the extensive planning and correspondence during the conceptual stages.

Design completion saw the client provided with an installation drawing set complete with installation scope of work.  The installation of this equipment would improve recovery efficiency and capability ensuring that the operation could better respond to changing ore grades.

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