Cyanide Tank Upgrade

Cyanide Tank Upgrade

Cyanide Tank Upgrade

In recent years Orana Engineering has enjoyed a productive relationship with Resolute Mining Ltd through its subsidiary Carpentaria Gold by undertaking several projects at their Ravenswood site.

Sodium Cyanide is a very toxic compound used on site to recover gold from prepared ore.  It is potentially lethal to humans and animals and can be extremely detrimental to the environment.  These characteristics contribute to the necessity of its safe and efficient storage by ensuring that it can be isolated from its surroundings and that it can be contained in the case of an emergency (e.g. a spill).

It was identified by Ravenswood management that the existing bunding around the cyanide storage tank was inadequate.  After meeting the client onsite and obtaining site measurements and photographs, Orana Engineering provided an innovative solution for a challenging design where we designed a smaller tank to fit inside the existing cyanide storage tank.  The design met our clients brief by minimising loss of storage capacity of the existing tank, but provided a new smaller tank for the primary storage of cyanide whilst maintaining the existing external tank that would effectively act as the bund.

In addition, it was also identified that the adjacent unloading pad where cyanide was unloaded from road tankers was also inadequately bunded.  Existing concrete was cracked and edge bunds were crumbling due to extensive heavy traffic.  Orana engineering worked with our client to provide a solution that increased the capacity of the unloading area via the installation of a large roll over bund suitable for the traffic of heavy vehicles and machinery.

The implementation of these changes will cost effectively allow the client to maintain their existing plant layout without having to re-route existing pipework or find additional space for new installations.  By utilising the existing tank as a bund Orana Engineering was able to re-use the majority of major tie in points to the existing tank whilst at the same time providing improved access for maintenance and clean out by modifying the existing tank outer shell.

By working closely with onsite contractors and our clients maintenance staff Orana Engineering has been able to deliver a design that has met the clients brief and maintained required equipment capacities required for future expansions whilst simultaneously creating a safer work environment for plant operators.

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