Crusher Circuit Upgrade

Crusher Circuit Upgrade

Crusher Circuit Upgrade

Eloise Copper Mine had purchased a new Metso TS4.2 dual deck vibrating screen to replace the existing smaller screen and a second Omnicone cone crusher to provide a secondary crushing circuit to increase their production and improve operational efficiencies.  Orana Engineering was engaged to develop a design solution and detailed drawings for the addition of this secondary crushing circuit to their existing primary crushing circuit.

Being a brownfield project with a focus on minimising fabrication and installation costs, Orana Engineering was required to provide a design that utilised as much of the existing equipment (both operational and available on the site’s hardstand).  Orana Engineering performed one site visit over two days and gathered all the information necessary to complete the design.

The design for the addition of this secondary crushing circuit included placement of all major mechanical items including the additional conveyor galleries, and design for all structural supports, access platforms, new chutes and all concrete civil works.

Fitting the significantly larger new screen within the existing space provided by the original installation presented some design challenges.  Orana Engineering was able to design a supporting structure that minimised the impact to the existing conveyors while maintaining a practical approach in regards to the operation and maintenance of the new and existing surrounding equipment.

The design of the new conveyor network utilised existing conveyor gallery sections that were on site.  It was also a cost effective preference for the client that Orana Engineering used two existing unused onsite conveyor drive head ends in the design. Orana Engineering was able to provide an efficient, practical design solution to Eloise Copper Mine while minimising the associated design costs to provide site personnel the information required to refurbish and install the conveyor equipment necessary for the crushing circuit.

All access platforms were designed with consideration to relevant Australian Standards and keeping safety paramount while providing practical equipment maintenance access solutions.

Within the tight project time frame allowed, Orana Engineering successfully completed the design providing highly practical solutions and producing in excess of 100 detailed drawings.

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