22M Flyover Conveyor

22M Flyover Conveyor

Oaky Creek Coal engaged Orana Engineering to perform the electrical and control system engineering design for the 22M Flyover Conveyor.  The new conveyor provides an interface between two existing conveyor systems.

Oaky Creek Coal engaged the services of Calibre Engineering for the structural and mechanical designs.  Working in close collaboration, Orana Engineering and Calibre Engineering successfully completed the design without the need for the client to micro project-manage the engineering related activities.

Orana Engineering’s brownfield engineering expertise was drawn upon for resolving the complexity associated with the new conveyor interfacing between two different coal streams.  The existing coal streams where both powered from separate substations and also controlled from independent process control systems.  In the event of one system being shutdown (which is likely due to maintenance) it was necessary that operation of the other system was not impacted.

Site visits were performed to gather all of the information required to ensure the new system interfaced seamlessly with the existing operation.  Orana Engineering also participated in CHAZOP’s with site operations and maintenance personnel, bringing together the collective knowledge of all stakeholders thereby ensuring the best possible outcomes for the project.

The electrical engineering scope for Orana Engineering included powering the conveyor system, powering the transfer systems and providing lighting designs and general power distribution.  The scope assessed the capacity (load and real-estate) of the existing systems to accommodate the additional loads.  The control system engineering included the selection and specification of suitable instrumentation as well as specification of the control system hardware requirements and development of a functional specification.

If you would like to know more about Orana Engineering’s electrical engineering and control systems engineering capabilities in brownfield engineering projects, do not hesitate to contact us.

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