10M TAGS Sled

10M TAGS Sled

10M TAGS Sled

At James Cook University, MBD Energy operates a research facility investigating methods of cultivating and harvesting algae.

To allow the scientists to better control the algae agitation sleds, MBD Energy engaged the services of Orana Engineering to design and commission the mechanical, electrical and control systems that would enable the agitation sled velocity and frequency of travel to be automated.

The system designed and implemented by Orana Engineering utilised Allen Bradley Powerflex VVVF drives and a Controllogix’s PLC with an RSView SCADA interface.

The design of the sleds was modified by MBD Energy to optimise the agitation of the algae. The control of these sleds was adapted to use torque control to sense the sled had reached the end of travel and change direction.

MBD Energy commissioned Orana Engineering to prepare the mechanical and electrical design documentation for the installation of Sleds to six(6) of the 10m BAGS.

MBD Energy also engaged Orana Engineering to provide mechanical design of the sled drive system, to provide additional adjustment functionality when adapted to the existing 50m BAGS design.

Orana Engineering was able to help MBD Energy improve the efficiency and quality of their research results by providing technical knowledge and assistance through our control systems, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering services.

If you would like any more information or details about Orana Engineering’s design drafting or engineering services, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our capabilities.

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